These four wonderful people are either running or walking the Waiheke Wharf 2 Wharf on behalf of the Jassy Dean Trust to raise money for the Waiheke Special Needs Group.

They have just this week to raise as much as possible so get behind them and show your support for the cause by making a donation via their Give a Little fundraising pages

This is Alex MacKenzie

Alex MacKenzie

Alex is 19 years old and has just returned from a year-long Rotary exchange in Berlin. The Wharf 2 Wharf will be his biggest run yet. Alex's Mum Laura works with many of the children from the Waiheke Special Needs Group so Alex knows how important the group is for kids with special needs on the island.

Alex says "On Waiheke Island there are many special places. The Waiheke Island Special Needs Group are striving to create a special place for children and young adults with special needs. This environment would provide a space that would be a safe fun place to be away from home. Here families would feel supported and accepted. A place where all family members can recharge. I hope you will sponsor me to support this worthwhile group. Especially for my buddies Shelley, Robert, Nathaniel and Phillip." 

Donate via Alex's Give a Little page here

This is Jana Marusakova

Jana Marusakova

Jana came to NZ from the Czech Republic in 1997 and settled here on Waiheke Island. She's an accountant, has a four year old son and in her free time she loves to get out and run. 

Donate via Jana's Give a Little page here

This is Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith.jpg

Matthew Smith is a long term Waiheke resident and real estate agent. He recently walked from Auckland to Queenstown (!) so the Wharf 2 Wharf should be a breeze for him. 

Donate via Matthew's Give a Little page here

This is Mike Poland

Mike Poland

Mike Poland and his wife Chris have been involved with the Waiheke Special Needs Group and Melanna House (where the Group meets) and they have seen first-hand what a positive place it is for people with special needs. Mike will match dollar for doall every donation received. 

Donate via Mike's Give a Little page here

We are the Jassy Dean Trust Crew

We'll be walking the 5km (don't laugh) together again this year for the cause. Here we are pre-walk last year. 

JDT Crew 2014

You can donate via our Give a Little page here

100% of every donation received will go to continuing and expanding the excellent work of the Waiheke Special Needs Group. Every dollar helps! Thank you for your support.

AuthorAnna Lowe