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Giving back to the community.




There are several ways to get involved in the trust, from being a volunteer at one of our events or fundraisers, to volunteering your time and expertise to the organisation, or by making a donation.

The Jassy Dean Trust is a reg­is­tered char­i­ta­ble trust (Char­i­ties Com­mis­sion Reg­is­tra­tion No.CC626226). Funds raised through our annual Jassy Dean Trust Gar­den Safari are always stretched to meet the grow­ing num­ber of requests we receive each year to assist local fam­i­lies. Any dona­tions or bequests are grate­fully appre­ci­ated and we can assure donors that all funds given are directed towards help­ing fam­i­lies on Wai­heke who are faced with sick kids due to ill­ness or accident. To see how we have used donation in the past, please have a look at our Annual Review.
Dona­tions are tax deductible, just ask for a receipt. 
To donate you can simply send a cheque to our postal address: 
Jassy Dean Trust
 PO Box 804, Oneroa,
Wai­heke Island 1081

By Inter­net bank­ing:
Bank Account Name: Jassy Dean Trust
Bank Account No: 12–3114-0057981–00
Or via our secure online system below: