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Making an immediate impact on a child's life.



How we support you

We care, we listen, we act.

No case is too small, when there is hardship due to your child's heath or medical situation, we help.
Whether you're going for a local medical or health centre appointment, an outpatient appointment in the city, a hospital stay, or outside of this with ongoing problems or emergency relating to your child's health and wellbeing, our focus is on providing financial support for your child and family, to take the strain off - so you can focus all your attention on your child's needs.
Examples of how we help:
 - Financial assistance for medical costs
 - Provide emergency & ongoing travel expenses
 - Fund medical treatment, medication & equipment
 - Provide home help and appliances
 - Support children with disabilities
We also provide support with:
 - Educational to improve disabilities
 - Parenting Support
 - Counseling
 - YMCA health camps
All cases are considered so please don't hesitate in applying to see how and where we can best help. You can review how we've helped in the past in our Annual Review.

Pro­vid­ing emer­gency and ongo­ing travel expenses
Emer­gency ‘envelopes’ con­tain­ing cash and return ferry tick­ets are avail­able to assist fam­i­lies trav­el­ling to hos­pi­tal in emer­gency sit­u­a­tions. 

Finan­cial assis­tance is also avail­able for fam­i­lies with chil­dren that require ongo­ing ferry trans­port for med­ical care or spe­cial­ist appointments.
Sup­port­ing chil­dren with disabilities
The Jassy Dean Trust looks to sup­port fam­i­lies to sup­port each other and them­selves where chil­dren have spe­cial needs.

For exam­ple we have assisted in the for­ma­tion of a local sup­port group for par­ents with Autis­tic chil­dren, pro­vid­ing edu­ca­tion fund­ing for par­ents to bet­ter deal with the chal­lenges that Autism & Asperger’s syn­drome bring.

We fund art and move­ment ther­apy classes for chil­dren with disabilities.

Fund­ing is also avail­able for chil­dren with phys­i­cal dis­abil­i­ties that may require assis­tive tech­nol­ogy to improve their mobility.
We can help to fund med­ical treat­ment, med­ica­tion and equipment
The Trust is able to help if you have a child requir­ing ongo­ing or short-term med­ical treat­ment. This may include cov­er­ing the cost of pre­scrip­tions or med­ica­tions, vis­its to chi­ro­prac­tors, or other med­ical professionals.

Fund­ing may also be avail­able for spe­cial­ist med­ical equip­ment or treat­ment where expenses are not cov­ered by the health system.
We can pro­vide home help and appliances
We can pro­vide appli­ances that improve the home envi­ron­ment where there is a child with a med­ical con­di­tion, for exam­ple we have pro­vided heaters and dehu­mid­i­fiers on loan to fam­i­lies with a child or chil­dren with chronic asth­matic conditions.
The Jassy Dean Trust is able to fund addi­tional edu­ca­tional sup­port for chil­dren who may have been away from school for extended peri­ods or whose school­ing may of suf­fered due to illness.
Par­ent­ing support
The Jassy Dean trust takes a pre­ven­ta­tive approach to child health in the com­mu­nity by fund­ing work­shops and con­fer­ences for par­ents. Sub­si­dies may be avail­able for par­ents to attend local parental edu­ca­tion courses or talks.
If your child has been affected by trauma fund­ing may be avail­able for coun­selling and/or ther­apy services.
YMCA health camps
Every year the Jassy Dean Trust spon­sors local chil­dren to attend YMCA health camps.