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Giving back to the community.



How you can get involved

There are several ways to get involved in the trust, from being a volunteer at one of our events or fundraisers, to volunteering your time and expertise to the organisation, or by making a donation.

Apply to Volunteer
Make a Donation

Become a 'Friend of the Trust' 

Would you like to share your expertise to help grow the Trust? Have you got some free time on your hands and looking at volunteering? Are you a connecter or communicator and like spreading the word? or have you got great ideas and the skills to execute them? Would you like to be a Jassy Dean Trust Ambassador and help us help the community and local families? 
Whether you're a high school student looking at getting some work experience, a mum with some free time on her hands, a professional or specialist, a social butterfly or a public figure, we'd love to here from you.
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